He Did This For Love !

Some women might feel a little disconcerted if their husband suddenly decided to wear a bright pink tutu and travel around the country being photographed in it!

Not Linda Carey though, because when her husband Bob discovered she had cancer, he decided to make her feel better through the power of laughter. Bob who is a professional photographer took pictures of himself wearing only a pink tutu in a variety of locations. It not only made her laugh and feel more positive but it had an effect on other people too and when Linda went to hospital for chemotherapy treatment she would show the photos to other patients and staff. It helped Linda to feel better but he helped Bob to cope too, he describes it as self-therapy. His tutu wearing images convey a range of emotions and reflections and are very moving.

The idea grew and finally became ‘The Tutu Project’ and Bob’s photo’s became the ‘Ballerina book’ which shows him in rain, snow and freezing temperatures raising awareness of breast cancer. He also started to travel abroad to place like Germany and Italy. The book has sold 3,000 copies so far and hopefully if you haven’t already bought your calendar for next year you might consider buying ‘The Tutu Project’ calendar and maybe treat your friends and family to one too. Proceeds will go to the Carey Project which provides support to women diagnosed with breast cancer, survivors and their family members. Here’s a direct link so you can do it NOW I already have :-)

Linda has had a mastectomy and now she supports her husband in their full time job of running the Carey Foundation, raising funds and giving presentations. The last words are from Linda “I hope that I inspire women to live their life fully. I’ve been on chemotherapy for 7 years and I have a really full life. I hope that gives others hope that when they are feeling really bad from whatever drug they are getting pumped in their body; they can keep in mind there is something on the other side of it and cancer doesn’t only mean death. I truly believe that your attitude has something in how you deal with cancer. Being positive and laughing is simple but I think it is really important. That’s what I would like to say about cancer. I think people pick up on that and it inspires them. Since 2008, the economy has been awful and it’s one bad thing after another. People are searching for something good.”

For more information visit The Carey Foundation


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