Laugh Your Way To Happiness

I could never have known that I would not only laugh my way to happiness but laugh my way to a complete positive change in my life too, but that’s what happened to me in 2011.

A convergence of several different factors (coincidences?)  facilitated my introduction to the charismatic Dr. Madan Kataria , the Indian GP who founded laughter yoga and changed my life and has already changed and continues to change the lives of thousands of other people in many countries around the world.

Dr. K, as he is fondly known, was aware of the positive physical, emotional, social and psychological benefits of laughter but he was the first person to realise that laughter does not need to come from spontaneous laughter at humour and that laughing as an exercise works just as well.

Unless you are one of the hundreds of thousands who have had this laughter experience you may need some convincing to appreciate this, but the fact is that you can create a positive state of mind and body by simply making the sound of laughter – it works! Even if you start out feeling miserable, your body cannot help but respond to the experience of laughter and if you are laughing with friends then the infectiousness of laughter will almost undoubtedly cause you to get the ‘real giggles’ for at least part of the time.

When laughter becomes a part of our everyday experience not only do we change, but others change the way they respond to us. Laughter is the glue that cements loving  relationships, it fosters trust, it creates bonds and it makes people feel wonderful. Laughter is the antidote to taking life too seriously, taking ourselves too seriously and a reminder that the positive is always present, even on the darkest of days. No matter what is going on in your life, a few minutes spent in laughter will empower, recuperate and remind you, that you have more resources than you remember and many more skills that your realise.

I have seen people transformed through laughter in a matter of minutes. It is a wonderful  re-balance  because laughter offers calm and relaxation to the stressed, relief to those in pain (physical and emotional) and invigorates those who are tired and world-weary.  When laughter flows, it frequently releases the joyous side of our nature that may be neglected during the stress and challenges of every day life.

I am one of many laughter yoga teacher/trainer/leaders in the UK and there are many throughout the rest of the world. Why not find someone near you and find out for yourself. I run a free community laughter group in The New Forest where everyone is welcome. The science of laughter is interesting but the experience of laughter facilitated through laughter yoga is priceless.

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