When Dogs Get Impatient with Humans


Sometimes our pets embarrass us. When the Haddows’ left their dog Fern in the car whilst they went off to visit an art gallery, the boxer dog was not impressed. Well, she did give them 5 minutes but when they still hadn’t returned, she did beeped the horn. Maybe she thought it would have an instant effect and bring her owners running. When it didn’t work she didn’t give up, she just kept her paw firmly planted on the steering wheel and blasted the horn for the next 15 minutes!

It got a lot of attention and people walking past and others nearby wondered what was going on and were drawn towards the car. When they realised that the culprit was a dog it caused a lot of amusement. By the time Mr and Mrs Haddow  returned to their car,  they were surprised to see that a crowd had gathered around it and people were  taking photographs and video. As they got nearer, they realised what Fern had been doing.

One witness explained that the dog had been quiet for the first 5 minutes but then began to protest and  inflicted 15 minutes of noise on everyone. If you can bear to listen here is a snippet of that long 15 minutes.

Now this happened in the UK but it seems that Fern is not alone. A similar thing happened in USA when this dog’s owners were too long in the store, ‘Best Buy’.

and this one -

and this one -

and this one -

and so it goes on. Each do with its own unique style. Poor dogs – some of their humans just seem to be untrainable !!


  1. Lesley,

    The vids have been tampered with! Julie Ostrow has managed to swap them over for some of her winning the laughter award.

    This is why the world’s in the state it’s in today.

  2. Really great, Lesley! He clearly doesn’t take ‘no’ for an answer.

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